Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gorgeous cakes this weekend!

It was Etto's 1st birthday weekend and what a lucky boy he is to have 2 parties. The first one was a swimming party as Etto loves to swim. His mother requested a swimming pool with Etto, of course in the pool amongst the usual suspects of beach ball, flippers, bucket, and sunglasses. 

I decided to place different shades of blue mosaic tiles around the side of the cake, to make it look like the tiles used in a swimming pool. The "water" in the pool was a flat piece of marbled blue icing, then I used cold mirror gel, mixed with a little marble blue royal icing mixture, to create "movement" in the water. I think this method gives it a much softer touch, rather than just straight royal icing, which makes it look very stiff.

I was very happy with the result of the cake, and the colours as well, were very pleasing to the eye.Will definitely repeat this design again, as is!

The next party planned for Etto, was sports-themed. His parents are huge fans of soccer and football and I think the entire family would love for Etto to be a sportsman. 

So, the theme of the party was orange and green, and I designed his cupcakes based on the invitations sent out.

And there's Etto, in his Arsenal jersey, sitting amongst his Sports-themed cupcakes. I LOVE the orange against the brown cupcake casings, and the black board also made the cupcakes really jump out at you!

And finally, I had an old friend's Baby Shower cake to do as well. She wanted something girly with hot pink, gold, and diamonds as the theme colours of the party. 

Mind you, the budget was tight, so instead of a 3D pram, I suggested for 2D, but with touches of gold and diamonds, and ruffles. I think it looked fantastic! So there you go, 3D need not necessarily be the ONLY way to go!

The rest of the cake had a few baby items such as a rattle and pacifier, and she also wanted some name blocks, with the words, "It's a girl!" on them. Instead of the creating a letter for each block, as I always do, I decided to handpaint the message using only 3 blocks.

For one, the cake was only little, so I had to resize the blocks according to the cake size. And I also had limited space on the cake board. It worked out terrific and looked so much better than having a letter for each block, in this case.

The white polka dots on the cake add some sweetness, and I also added a few gold polka dots, just to make it a little more interesting.

It was a simple cake, but I really loved how gorgeous it turned out.

Hmm....I might have to make this a Miss Shortcakes signature Baby Shower cake :) 


  1. Incredible, you have done such a great job! May I know how much is the baby shower cake as I'm planning my girl's 1 year old Birthday.

    1. Hi Wai Yee, thank you for stopping by! When is the birthday and what's your email address? I'll send you the details. Thanks, Jessica

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