Monday, December 30, 2013

My Top Ten Cakes of 2013!

It's the end of 2013 and I've had an absolutely fantabulous year!! I can't believe how fast time has flown and the amazing opportunities I've experienced this year.
So to finish off the year, I thought, I'd put together my Top Ten Cakes for 2013. Or shall I do a Top Twenty? 


It'll be so hard to choose.

The cakes will be selected on a number of key factors. 

First up, design and execution. Loads of times, I have sketched up cakes that look great on paper, but once they translate into cake, it may or may not work. Did it answer the client's brief? And how well did I execute this idea into cake. This will be my first criteria.

Secondly, creativity. Of course the most important part of my job is designing a cake. I get loads of enquiries from clients who have no clue what they want. It is then my job to help them break it down into important factors that they must have on the cake. A lot of my clients leave the design completely up to me, and I love that. I get to go nuts. 

And finally, I will give the general public a vote in this too - via my Facebook page updates and Instagram updates. The most "liked" photos will have a fair go, in my Top 10 list.

So without further a due...

Entering at Number 10.... *drum roll please*

10. The Gentlemen's Cake

This cake was designed by Mint Events for a little boy turning one. I love the sophisticated colour palette of powder blue, taupe, grey and brown. A great example of a sketch that translated beautifully into a cake. It was the first cake I produced for a Mint Event party, and a beginning to many more great cakes.

9. The Black Widow

The black lace work was inspired by sugar artist Kelvin Chua and I extended his design into a 3 tiered cake, accented with large, deep red sugar roses. One of my most popular posts on Instagram and FB.


8. Turkish Nights

The birthday girl had an amazing trip to Turkey a few months before her birthday. Therefore, her birthday party had to have a Turkish theme, of course! I came up with a bright and bold cake, based on Turkish textiles and ceramic ware, and the Hand of Fatima.

7. The Singer Patchwork Cake

The patchwork panels were all hand-cut and stitched with a stitching wheel. Then the "fabric" artwork was hand-painted with food colouring. It took approximately 5 hours. Not recommended for the faint hearted :) This cake drew the most attention on Instagram and FB! 

6. The Lion King Cake

Based on a 2 tiered cake, by Peggy Does Cake
My version features a different African Sunset tier, with silhouettes of the Lion King characters. I also add an extra tier with black and white zebra stripes. I loved how this cake came together in the end, and the colours on the African Sunset were absolutely spot on. 


5Slumber Party

A fun and girly cake to make for a special girl, celebrating her birthday with a Slumber Party theme. The pink and white theme really suited the design and all the little details made it SUPER cute! Loads of Instagram love for this cake, too!


 4. Monsters Inc. "Mike"

This year had a few cakes with BIG toppers. This Mike Wazowski was just one of them. His expression on his face was priceless. With sis arms and hands up in the air, it just accentuated the "scare" factor, and I loved how it brought the entire cake to life! Super fun to make!

3. The Royal Byzantine

Holding a very special place in my heart, is the 6 tier, Royal Byzantine Cake, at number 3. It has deep blue icing, accented with antique gold scrolls, gold pearls, white quilting and dozens and dozens of sugar roses. I spent a good 3 weeks, making the roses and another 3 days, completing the entire cake by myself. It was then transported to Kuantan, which is about 3 hours away by car, from my home studio.


2. Two Peas In A Pod

I've faced many challenges in my career as a cake decorator, but not ONCE have I wanted to throw in the towel, and accept defeat. When I was asked to come up with a cake for this party, the client left it all up to me. I selected this theme. I came up with the design. I decided on the size of the cake. It was all MY IDEA. 

Two days before the event, this cake was about to be thrown into the bin. I almost scrapped the 3D idea, and was about to bake more cakes to produce a 2 tier cake.I was extremely frustrated with the sculpting and structure.

So what did I do? I put it away in the fridge. Cleaned up. Left the kitchen. Went to get a beer with my friends. Best decision ever.

The next morning, I faced the cake again, and fixed it. In the end, I loved how cute the cake turned out, and I loved everything about it. Yes, it caused me MANY sleepless nights, and yes, I got it to the venue, in tact.


And the Number 1 cake for 2013 is the Mad Scientist Cake!

I don't think this cake needs any explaination as to why it's number one! It's one craa-a-a-a-a-az-y cake!!  I had so much fun making it, and hearing how many people got grossed out at the brains, made it even more worthwhile! 

I've spent 2 days writing this post because it was too difficult choosing only 10 cakes from my archives. I'm going to do a sneaky one and slot in one more photo. 

Just one more. Let's call it the Wild Card.

Gold Gift Box Tower

Apologies for the bad photo, but this was the best photo I took on the day. I absolutely adore this cake for it's elegance and quirkiness, if I may. Every box featured a different texture and technique and I played with different shades of gold. It took almost an entire month of planning, alongside a similar wedding cake, but in squares instead. I still get people talking about this wedding cake, almost 11 months after I had made it! 

If I could do this cake all over again....I definitely would! LOVE.

And there you have it. My top 10 cakes for 2013. I hope to create more interesting and fantastic cakes in 2014 and on a much larger scale too!

Here's to more cakey adventures and for a bigger and brighter future! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! xx

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