Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Heck of a Month!

September 2013. The busiest month for me in KL, so far! The cakes have just been flying out of my little home studio and I haven't had a single day off in over 2 months! 

Lots of exciting things have been happening as well this month with a photoshoot for a lifestyle magazine, plus a video which I'm very excited about :)

I thought I'd put together a collage of all the crazy and beautiful cakes, I've made last month. Hope you like them!

I had quite a few 3D cakes, all different from each other. There was a Minion for a one year old, a stuffed dinosaur who had lots of clothes, an Iron man head, and a stage cake for a little girl who loved Selena Gomez. 

The ever popular Candy Crush game was also a fun cake! It took me 3 hours to make all those little candy! And to top it off, when I was done, a turntable from the shelf above my workstation, suddenly falls over, and crushes my tray of candy! Hahaha! True story!

I also had lots of cakes with beautiful sugar flowers and various motifs from lace and lattice to floral and chevron. I love making sugar flowers and wedding cakes, and last month, I made quite a few lovely ones :)

One of the more exciting cakes I made, was with a Camo stroller, gold studs and black patent. It was for KL's shoe and clutch specialist, Ung Yiu Lin. Her hubby surprised her with this cake and he wanted it to be personalised with all the things she loves- a baby on the way, shoes, gold studs, camoflauge, and clutches. And by all means, was there to be NO PINK!

Another fun project I had was with Mint Events again, and this time it was for a Slumber party-themed, birthday party. It had to be pink, a bed filled with little girls, plus all the bedroom accessories. So I created a white wood-grained bed, covered with a pink polka dotted blanket, with 7 little girls having a sleep over. There was cake, macarons, and a plate of chocolate biscuits too. Very cute!! 

So there you have it, after working away non-stop during the Royal Wedding Cake month of August, it was even crazier in September! 

And last but not least, here's the magazine clipping from my Halloween feature in the Expatriate Lifestyle magazine October 2013 edition. 

Let's see what October has in store for me ;) 

Thanks for reading!

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xx Jessica

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