Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Polka Dotted Sunglasses

My friend L and I, have known each other since Form 1. If my memory serves me correctly, that will be since 1988. That's right - 1988!! So what's that? 2012 - 1988 = 24 years! Unbelievable!! We were just talking at dinner the other night, that it MUST be a mistake. The millennium years have all been a blur, and it almost feels like it never existed. We feel like we are still in our twenties, and approaching the big 4.0 soon, is JUST not possible. 

Anyway, it was her birthday the other night, and we celebrated with an amazing Thai dinner at Celadon@Pavillion. It was a lovely gathering of L's nearest and dearest, with a few who could not make it, unfortunately. Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled night with lots of good food, wine and most importantly, great company.

For L's cake, I tossed around a few fashionista ideas like handbags or shoes, pretty pink colours, and all the things she loves most. Then a week before the party, it suddenly struck me - L had these really cute black and white polka dotted sunglasses by Lulu Guinness. It was perfect. 

I'll put it on her cake! Not many people can carry off sunglasses like those, but L certainly can! So I got in touch with her partner, R, and immediately he emailed a couple of photos of the sunglasses, on the sly.

He also included the case that it came in. And it was so pretty. I loved the design and the pretty lilac and white stripes. Easy-peasy. A cake design was right there before my very eyes. 

So I began work immediately. The sunglasses were constructed first, out of black gumpaste in 3 separate parts, and left to dry for a week. Then it was just a matter of cutting out tiny white polka dots and sticking them all over. To get the "shiny plastic" effect of actual sunglasses, I brushed on cold mirror gel all over and left it to dry. 

When the cake all came together, I was so pleased with its results. I couldn't wait to take it to the party and see L and R's face!

Here are a few snippets from the party, as well as the inspiration behind the cake (stolen from R's FB page, I hope you don't mind)! Shame on me, it only occurred to me after the party that I should have taken lots of photos of the party and food, to contribute to my new blog! 

Birthday girl blowing out the candle

There's L with them on (doesn't she look fab?), with her partner, R.

The girls, plus their offspring (that's me, on the left, sitting down) :)

Ze Cake!

Ze original sunglasses and case.

I hope you had a great birthday weekend, Liz! x

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