Monday, May 28, 2012

Armand's Caterpillar Cake

Yet another cute cake to share with everyone...this time it's a caterpillar cake! I have never done a caterpillar cake before, and I was super excited to get this project!

Ok rewind - An old, old, old friend of mine from school contacted me awhile back, enquiring about a cake for her son's 1st birthday. She was open to a lot of ideas and didn't really know what she wanted exactly. So I asked her, if her son had anything that he could relate to, or anything that makes his eyes light up. 

She answered, "Well, he does have this grubby caterpillar...." 

"Perfect", I thought. So she sent me a few photos, and it was so cute and colourful. I decided to put the caterpillar on top of a giant-sized name block "A", and to personalise it, put his name in mini-name blocks on the cake board, as well as a number 1, to show his age.

The name block cake was made from 2, 7" square cakes, which I stacked together, and strangely enough, after filling and ganaching the cakes together, the total height was a perfect 7" tall, too! That never, ever happens! So I didn't have to trim anything else off, and all I had to do now, was to ganache the entire cake.

The four sides of the cakes had "A" cut out in different colours, and what I loved about this cake, is that my friend's family's names all begun with the letter, "A" - and there were 4 of them as well! So perfect.  

I think I should have named this blog post as "Perfect" :)

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