Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Miss Shortcakes Profile Video

It's finally ready! We've been working on this video for months now and it's been a real labour of love. 

I basically wanted a profile video, as a peek into what I love doing. Being a cake decorator has been such a rewarding career for me, not only do I get to see naked cakes, transformed into works of art every week, but I also get to stay home, and watch my son grow. 

Miss Shortcakes has been a part of my life for the past 8 years, and to have "her" where she is now, is a dream come true. It started out very modestly, from my tiny 2 bedroom apartment in Sydney. I didn't even have a proper table to roll out icing. I used 2 coffee tables and joined them together, and rolled on my knees! What a nightmare, that was! I kept my day job as a pastry chef, and attended a few night courses and then friends started to order cakes from me. 

Then, I got a job as a cake decorator through industry contacts, and that's when the love really became apparent. I got better and better and discovered, there is SO much to learn in cake decorating. 8 years on, I'm still learning everyday through trial and error, and attending courses overseas, at least once a year. 

Some days, I have to pinch myself, because I can't believe how my little home business, has grown into a real business. 

And to be dubbed as, "The talk of the town"...well, that is simply amazing.

Thank you to everyone who have helped me along the way, and given me encouragement to keep going. When you are passionate and believe that it can work, you'll do whatever it takes, to make it happen.

To all my loyal supporters and fans here in Malaysia, and around the world, well, you guys are just, simply amazing.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects!

xx Jessica

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