Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day Weekend (May 11-12, 2013)

This year, my Mother's Day was really special. What made my day, was when my 2 year and a half year old, hopped onto my lap, and blurted out, "I Wuv You, Mummy", without any of prompting.

Instantly, I turned to mush. This is what makes motherhood all worthwhile. 

2 days before Mother's Day, my dear sister came over, armed with glitter glue, coloured paper, stickers, and scrapbooking trinkets. She was going to teach little J, how to make Mother's Day cards for my Mum and I. 

Little J was thrilled, and spent an entire 2 and half hours, painstakingly attaching all the little trinkets, colouring, glueing glitter and stickers, onto these home made cards.

He was so cute and had also practiced how to hand them over, while wishing us, "Happy Mother's Day", with his bashful smile.

All done!
I really need to concentrate. Shh!

At lunch, presenting Mum and I, our Mother's Day cards

The day before Mother's Day, I had a little cake stand, at the Mother's Day Bazaar organised by the Baby Jumper Gym Publika. I brought along a few new cake designs and I also had some cupcakes to sell. It was fun to get out and do a little PR work for Miss Shortcakes. The afternoon was spent chatting to people about what I do, and how the cakes get transformed into something really special.

My new designs, which I created specially for this event.

Little J, holding on very tightly to my Miss Shortcakes balloon

A very special thank you goes out to my sister, who helped me the entire day at Publika, my Dad who helped me with the cupcake boxes, Izreen and Aunty Farida who lent me the decorative items, and my Mum, of course, for helping me with Little J! Oh, and not forgetting the ladies at BJG who organised the event for us, Mummies with small businesses!


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