Monday, June 24, 2013

Cakes for Hantaran or Malay Wedding Gifts

I was living and working in Sydney for 12 years, and having moved back to Kuala Lumpur, there have been a lot of cultural factors that I have to adjust to, even through my cakes.

Here in Malaysia, there are 3 main cultures - the Malays, Chinese, and Indian. The majority of Muslims are from the Malay background and when they get married, it is held over a course of a few days, with different ceremonies. Part of their wedding tradition is to give out wedding gifts, or otherwise known as "Hantaran", during the solemnization.

Both the bride and the groom have to present their future in-laws with trays adorned with gifts. And there are specific items to go on each tray, and also a specific number of trays from the bride and from the groom. Where I fit into this, is in the "Sweets" category. There must be one tray filled with sweets, and this can be in a form of a cake, cookies, chocolates or traditional sweets.

I get a lot of requests for Hantaran cakes, and I thought I'd put together a post, just on these cakes alone. The Hantaran cakes must have these criteria:

1. Petite (usually sized according to the tray that is being used)
2. Lightweight (the tray bearer must be able to carry it without difficulty for a short period of time)
3. Long lasting
4. Sugar flowers (this is quite a popular request)

Here are a few of my cakes, perfect as a Hantaran.

An example of one of my cakes, on a tray, ready to be presented.
This was a 5" styrofoam top tier, and 7" double tiers, in real cake. The styrofoam tier was to make the cake taller, but with less weight.

This was originally for a birthday, but I think without the inscription on the top, it would make a lovely Hantaran cake.
A small tier looks great on a tray, but I always recommend that one of the tiers is a styrofoam tier.
A stylish tailored striped cake with a pretty lace stencil on the bottom.

This can be done shorter for better stability, but still I would have a styrofoam top tier.
Something very contemporary, instead of the usual suspects of white and pink. This was silver shimmered icing with burgundy Magnolias.

Do have a look on my Facebook page Miss Shortcakes in the Wedding Album for more inspiration for your Hantaran cake.

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